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Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Why Trekpay is becoming one of best PTC

TrekPay is good PTC. Many sites / blogs that discuss this TrekPay Internet Business. Why? Because PTC Trekpay is the easiest. Direct dollars flowing each week. This is original is not a SCAM, if you do not believe googling it in google or search on kaskus INFO!
Paid To Click TrekPay is a new model which was launched on March 17, 2009. Like its PTC another thing, TrekPay has Advertisers that advertise to us click every day, but there are some differences between PTC TrekPay with others, include the following:
  1. TrekPay give awards in the form of points / credits for every activity we do, from clicking on ads that give to invite friends to join (referrals).
  2. Point / credits for a certain amount can be further obtained for the change / convert to $ $ $.
  3. Member may impose for clicking on ads in the member area to get a 1-3 point / additional credits.
  4. Weekly payment system, provided such day Thursday until Tuesday to request members who have reached the minimum payout $ 5.50 via Paypal
  5. Given awards or rewards for every special event in TrekPay of magnitude between $ 1 - $
  6. Members can get $ 50 perminggunya if more active in Trekpay, and could get $ $ $ is more than 12.5% of our commission Advertiser invited to join.
  7. There are several ways to get in Trekpay Point (which then later can be exchanged with the $ $ $) are:
  • Clicking on ads provided by Trekpay (visit the Advertiser website) which amounts to between 30-40 sites each day. Point / Credit will be provided for each ad click.
  • Refer a friend or refer friends to join in Trekpay. If we are TrekPay Advertiser referrals, points which in getting bigger because the right will also get a sales commission from such referral.
  •  More and more points / credits earned, the bigger $ $ $ that will be accepted.

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