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Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Joining in Readbud

Readbud is paid to read and paid to rate programs. This is a program that promise you to earn money on the internet. As we see today thbloere are more and more people connected to the internet, and there are popular websites that involve poeple in doing their business. One of them is Readbud. U will get paid for reading provided articles and give ratings. You can choose the articles of your interests by choosing up to 50 topics provided on the site. By choosing the topic of our interests soon we will receive more and more articles because the articles the site provided is adapted to your interests.

Join readbud to earn up to 30 dollar a month for reading and give ratings to articles. earnings can be requested once u have collected the balance of us $ 50,- after u sign up please open the inbox of your email and click on confirmation link to activate your account. to start reading articles please click the menu "articles" and then click "open articles". The article will appear in a new window. then to give ratings just click on the stars below. once the article is read and rated u can close the window. once again, to add money into your balance u will be given a referral link. Promote your referral link and u will get us $ 5,- per referral once your referred person redeemed for the first time. To join in Readbud simply click on the following link
Promote your link to get more earnings and read for more articles. I`ll see you in the inside. Thank You...

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