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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Trust Seal - 10 Juicy Ways To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy

Author: Lee Cusano

Trust seal - Do you have a site that makes some money but not nearly as much as it could? First you want to make sure you are selling a product that people actually WANT.

If you know you have a winning or proven product it may be just a matter of tweaking the appearance and even the headline. Changing or improving obvious things like these can make a BIG difference.

Just as an automobile needs FUEL and SPARK to run your site needs targeted traffic (fuel) and well-written ad copy (spark) that converts visitors into customers to have a website that sells like crazy.

Here is a list of 10 standard and time-proven techniques for improving your online sales profits.

1. TRUST SEAL – it takes many things to instill trust. A “trust seal” near or on the order form has proven to increase orders on many websites by 13% - 16% and higher. Many commerce sites even display multiple trust seals.

2. LOSS LEADERS – here is an age-old sales technique. The idea is to sell a LOW-COST, front end product known as a “loss leader” to break the ice. It works because it is low-risk.

Getting new customers is the hardest part of marketing. Reselling to existing customers is much easier. Offering cold prospects something of tremendous value at an easy, NO-RISK price gives your product a built in trust seal effect.

3. JUICY HEADLINE – just as changing the title of a book can make a world of difference in sales, the right headline can get a web page read much more often. People scan advertising. If they find something of interest they will stop and read.

4. FONTS & COLORS – the right font and color make headlines more appealing and ad copy easier to read. Some say Tahoma makes the best font for headlines and that Ariel is the easiest to read for ad copy. A darker red has been reported to be the best color for headlines normally. Of course, it also depends on the type of NICHE you have.

5. COMPELLING AD COPY – when you can speak with enthusiasm, authority and show rock-solid proof as well, you create believability (trust) in your readers and compel them to action. Stress benefits, illustrate with a small story, use exciting, benefit laden, sub-heads to keep visitors interested.

6. TESTIMONIALS – as your sales increase so will your testimonies. Offer incentives for positive feedback from customers to collect testimonials faster. Use them throughout your sales letter and next to your order form or on your order page. Testimonials act like trust seals.

7. GUARANTEE – take away risk and instill more trust. Display your guarantee near or on the order form and/or mention it again in the order form ad copy. Guarantees can be stronger than a trust seal.

8. BONUSES FOR ACTION – always ask for the order. The reader needs to know what to do next. Give them an incentive to get them to make that decision and order right now.

9. BUILD YOUR LIST – Following up builds trust. Give something for free (a special report, a 5 or 7-day e-course, free sample, etc.) to capture a visitor’s name and e-mail. 48% of all sales people never follow up and 80% of all sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

98% of the people that visit the average website leave without doing anything. Capture as many of those 98%ers as you can for another chance. If you don’t grow a list your business will always be at the starting gate. Always strive to get either a LEAD or an ORDER.

10. USE AFFILIATES – increase your sales by getting help selling your products. Offer prospects and customers a chance to make money too. A small army of affiliates can increase your sales and they can help grow your mailing list faster.

Lee Cusano has been in marketing since 1995 and has been online since 2004. He also offers a Trust Seal resource with a built-in affiliate program as well. Try it Free for 30-Days by clicking here: 

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