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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Mobile SEO – A New Era in Search Engine Marketing

Author: Sasha K

Search engine marketing has evolved a lot. The latest buzzword in search engine marketing is mobile SEO. We all are aware about the indispensability of mobile phones these days. Mobile phones are not only suitable for making calls; they can organize our lives; help us to send messages and video clips; help us take an impromptu snap; and even help us read emails on the fly and search the web for information. In this article, I am going to give you a brief introduction to mobile search engine marketing.

Expectations from Mobiles

In the current scenario, companies can expect a lot from mobiles in terms of product promotions. Companies have started contemplating the launch of products and services through mobile phones in order to reach a much wider audience. Mobile applications having the power of generating mass promotional messages can be developed. Search engine marketing campaigns can very well be routed through mobile phones in order to get a wider coverage. Mobiles have huge potential as a marketing tool. Once you do a little bit of study on this, you will be convinced about the tremendous potential of mobile phones as a marketing tool.

Mobile Phone Couponing

Couponing is one of the simplest forms of mobile search engine marketing. Web marketers can include the couponing method in their search engine marketing campaign. The process of SEO through mobiles involve the use of short code SMS or MMS couponing and this makes the SEO campaign more effective. Remember, mobile search engine marketing is similar to any email campaign. The only difference lies in the choice of the medium.

Negative Pulse

Many companies are not in favor of mobile search engine marketing yet. They feel that people are more hooked to their computers than mobile phones. The context and duration of interaction of a person with the web in his/her PC and in his/her mobile phone are quite different and hence they do not see mobile phones as a viable option. These companies are also of the opinion that only a few people redeem their mobile coupons. To the contrary, clipped paper coupons fetch greater responses. All these observations are going against the usage of mobile phones as a search engine marketing tool.

The Reality Lies Elsewhere

Though some companies are not in favor of mobile SEO campaign currently, still the medium has immense potential. The shift from web SEO campaign to mobile SEO campaign is still in its nascent stage. But once the companies get the feel, they will surely be bent on using this new age widget.

It always pays to stay ahead. Those who can foresee and are ready to bring a paradigm shift in their online search campaign strategy early, will definitely stay ahead in the race.

The author is a professional SEO Adviser at Elite SEO Marketing. His specialty area is SEO Marketing. For advices, ideas and concepts about Online Marketing you can get in touch.

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