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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

The secret off FREE pay-per-click ads on Google

Author: Vilmar

Last month I discovered a secret that allows you to get Google Adwords pay-per-clicks totally for free. Not many people take full advantage of this secret so I thought I spread the word out, because I am all-ready taking full advantage of free pay-per-clicks and beside this the internet is still full of people searching for products with money in hand to spend. It is unbelievable that I never thought of this before myself, because it is simple like pooring milk in a glass.

I guess what you are thinking now: This is just not possible! Well guess again: That is what I was thinking too! The problem is just that most people have this same negative manner of thinking. But again with a little bit of creativity you too could have been the initiator of this secret. Off course for me now, after buying the e-book, that's revealing the secret, I  know better now and it also opened op my eyes for other ways of selling products.

I told my best friend what I just had discovered and his reaction was: That's amazing, but how does Google think about this? Is this legal or what? Let me tell you that this is totally legal and Google has no problem with this at all. Further you don't have to be an insider at Google.

The initiator of it all, Dr Jon Cohen, has saved 87 million dollars in advertising and made a sales revenue of over 300 million dollars. So you can lean back in your chair thinking: I will stick with my business as usual, but I advise you to change your mind and take action right away, because time is short and the price of this e-book is going up soon. I sure did not regret it.

You know what I think is the most amazing? You can be in the top of Google right above the organic search results. With search engine optimization (SEO) you can reach the top of Google, but most of the time it can take up to several months to get there and stay there. Creating articles, leaving backlinks etc. You can save all the efforts and be on the top of Google right away. Hard choice? I don't think so!

Another amazing fact is that you are now able to bid on the most competitive keywords running down on the internet, for example "Making money online" or "get free advertising". With a small budget it is practiccaly impossible to make a sales revenue with a conversion of 5%. Imagine you beat all the big names dominating Google and all at zero costs!

If you have the time, take a minute to check out the website and get this secret for yourself. It's worth the time and I promiss you won't be disappointed. The information is your pass for lowering your costs to zero in minutes. 100% revenue all the time.

Check out the website for more information.

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