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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

List building for a successful market promotion!

Author: Michael Murphy

Internet has taken over as one of the main avenues of market promotion and market development. The marketers have been using this medium successfully to reach their target audience in the least possible time. The results of internet marketing are quick and can be seen in figures almost immediately too. For product awareness or selling of any product, internet marketing especially internet marketing is most utilized market strategy today.

Email marketing is simply about list building. Email in fact is the best way to automate, manage and assess your communication skills with your customer. The concept here is to reach out to as many target audience as possible in minimum time frame. The online entrepreneurs create a list of addresses where they can send a list of their products and services. This process is undertaken by creating opt in page on the internet. The end customer and others get all their information on a particular product or services. The Opt in page is therefore, very important and should be extremely compelling, simple yet enticing. Use a title that is simple and self explanatory. Use words that will ensure them the various benefits of subscribing to your site.

The landing page should be written crisply without compromising on the details of your site. It can very well be handled professionally for best results. Though this page may not be a hard selling news letter it should be exciting enough for the visitor to give you the details required by you. The landing page should be free of any links except may be with your opt in form and disclaimers and terms and condition.

After the Opt in list is produced, the next important step is to increase the list manifold for product awareness to huge geographical areas and to maintain the existing customers. There are certain ways adopted by the online marketers successfully for this. Introduce certain alluring schemes; offer free downloads that other wise may not be free of cost on your site, free gifts that your end customer may really appreciate. Rub in the benefits of your freebies you may be offering much more than the subscription to your newsletter. The letter should focus on downloading the freebee on offer. At the end of the letter you may mention the requirements of details gently. A hand written note, signature or a photo of you may work wonders. It gives the much needed personal touch on internet.

You may even try some useful information on your product. Free e books on topics that are common to your product and services and interests of the buyer too. A great service to current customers will win you many more through them. You increase your profit margins this way and establish a great network too. Think of some more exciting innovative ideas to build your Opt in list to see your profit margins grow in leaps! provides List building software for email marketing and free email advertising.

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