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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Whereever I Go, Money Follows

It doesn`t matter anything i do, it doesn`t matter whereever i go, it`s not a problem to whom i talk to

Businesses, monies, and etc can be obtained very easily

For me getting some monies, is as easy as digging a shit hole, means i can do it whenever it is possible

Look at my ATM, i can see the red and blue colors of the paper cash...

But what will i use this money for if i couldn`t make my self happy

I dream of buying a car, well its just an old fashioned car, a corona 1975 hehehe, its the only car i can afford

Well, take a look at this car, this is fairly old, but doesn`t matter, this still has a use for me,  i can go anywhere i want with this. and Fuck, i can have fun with a whore inside. God please provide me with a naughty girl and perhaps the inside will all be wet with the fluid of love.
And for you my friends, i`ve been 29 years old today, but i still can`t see a possibility of finding a life mate. Because i don`t look good, but even though i don`t look excellent all pleasure is universal to all mankind, meaning that i want to try to fuck and to be fucked.
Well, its been thirty past one PM here, i must continue working as often i do. feeling bored and lonely is usual, i`ve been 30 and is there any chance of a good life in the future. I can`t see the use of all i have if there is nothing i can do for fun.

So please help me to have some fun

It is nice to share my feeling with friends like you. thanx

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