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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Hi how are you? i`m at work at this moment..

Hi, how are you? I am working again nich ...
Add my ym okay, its agung.pk82 @

My advice is based on life experience, to be able to have sustenance-studded as the stars in the sky:

  1. Childhood learn English, get used to the child learn English and start to recognize the objects around her.
  2. Give inspiration to children that learning English will simplify their affairs when you grow up, for example, could be an astronaut, can chat with them Caucasian, able to work abroad,
  3. Teach your child to school diligently and give rewards for good academic achievement, if for the kids toy car anyway so rich it is ok
  4. Give children a motivation for learning evaluation tests at the time, they can get a good reply value
  5. In accordance with my memories, give bright children who learn to light, let them be inspired to always read books in spare time
  6. Give the child a gift watches, so they are always on time in the move
  7. Do not cover your child for the couple, because periods of high school who is the most beautiful, except in the high school writers are very HASEUM (SOAR)
  8. Give your child cool motorcycle reply that they may feel more loved by his parents
  9. Give your children books to read and if you can subscribe to the newspaper that there are young children forum
  10. Tell your child to invite his friends to play to the house, both for gegelehean, gogoleran, peg-pasakan, or to just spend time together to be more familiar
  11. Send your child to attend courses or english tutoring 
  12. Send your child to college
     Well that was the struggle of a responsible parent, your child will surely be a success

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