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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

My Friends At Work

Two years experience of managing books and services at my work place. Soon following the losses of my beloved ones, first my grandpa and then my dad, now i only live with my mom and one sister. It has been nearly 3 years since i work at school as a librarian. My work place is fun and is quite wellknown in the city of Bandung.
It takes around 15 minutes for me to get to the school. And as usual, when i get there, i take off my bags full with goods such as my laptop and printer, then i put them next to my work desk. Then soon after that, i think and of all stupid stuffs and make fun of my friends within my heart and hey... they angry!! Hahahah....
Then i look for anything i can do, i look here and there to search for anything that i haven`t finished in earlier days. And Wallahhh, some books are scattered on the floor, foods cover are everywhere, some aqua cans are on the desk for students... And Wooow, dusts and soils are making dirts on the floor.... Fyuwhhhh, i look for a broom and begin cleaning them...
In my work place i have a principal that seems to fall in love with my work results. He said that he is very satisfy with my work. And soon more and more works are coming since then. The name of my superior is Mr. Mulyana. one other superior that i have is an indo mexican person named Mr. Leonardo. He has a face of Latinos ancestry but of sundanese origin. Everyone is nice to me, but that i am a little different from others,,,,,
My other friend which is an office boy named Pak Dede is from a town called cimahi. Is not a very wealthy person. Having problems with financial capacities, he told me that he hardly occupy his daily requirements. Facing trouble with transportation, that he often late when arriving at school. The principal misjudged him as working at his own grandpa`s office as he come and go as he please. He is from family with honest culture, his father teach him not to even ask for an offer when his son is in an occasion, he`d rather his son to pick some foods from waste disposal than to take foods dishonestly.
Pak dede and his father are of high dignity personalities. The teaching that this family hold is of islamic background. His father is skillful of conducting magical things for he is the descent of a known gurus of islam in the region of Cimahi. His father said that he can`t even get sick even if he smokes one full package of cigars (Bapa mah rek udud 2 bos sapoe oge moal struk Jang!!!) and also said that even if he and his family consume foods from disposals there is no possibilities for them to be sick ... A hahahahah. But once Pak Dede said that his father was ill badly...
One other friend that i have named Mr. Hasan is also an office boy. This man is an old man and is a lier. He tells Mr. Dede that he has already paid installments for his loans to me. he owes me some bucks,- This man barks if i ask for his money loans, and act if he forgets this... It is very cute when these people gather around with me, i often make fun of si babeh,,, beh, crettttt... (itu kata saya sama dia)
The others are fun people... but sometimes it makes me boring to realize that all monies that i have are scattered on these fuckers.. Well nothing i can do, these mens are poor, requiring more monies to live...

Ahahaha (just for fun, don`t take it seriously Friends)

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