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Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

My Dream Bike/Motor Impian Gue

There are types of motorbikes ever made by man, and one of my favorite is surely Honda CBR. It is so amazing how the japanese can build and make such a good design of motorbike. Its attracted me by its design, i wonder when i can ride on this bike. This is one of my favorite bike.

But what i have today is so different, i only have regular bike for daily use and ain`t a sportbike like the one i posted here. This is my bike of today, hmmmmm......


I  own it through credit service from a leasing company. The monthly installment is about US $45, for 35 months. But then i modified both of the tires. Its getting much shorter in height, but more convenient to ride. Because of two bigger tires, its surely decrease the power. But its fine, because of the comfort i get while riding it.

Well, pray for me again to be able to buy this bike, and don`t forget to add my blackberry pin okay 300a472d. Thank you.

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