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Senin, 13 September 2010

Kakek ku Meninggal Dunia

Kakek ku meninggal hari minggu kemarin tanggal 12 September 2010. Ku sayang banget sama kakek ku. Waktu kecil aku sering dianter pergi ke TK waktu aku masih anak-anak. Suka ngasih uang, pokoknya baik sekali deh. Tak terasa sekarang dia udah enggak ada lagi. Waktu paginya masih ada, masih nanya sama aku, tapi sorenya beliau udah enggak ada lagi. Begitu cepatnya, tapi aku sempet sun kening nya dulu waktu badan nya dipindahin ke ruang tengah.
I would say, what would i be without him. I am so sad, but what can i do, he is somewhere in another place. couldn`t be reached out, except if i go after him, means if i die sometime in the future. Sekarang yang tertinggal cuma suaranya, kenangannya, kasih sayang nya, dia tuh kalo aku lagi sakit suka jadi yang paling nanyain terus.
One wish has not come true for him on me. He used to say that he wouldn`t die unless i get marry first. But things don`t go the way we like. He passed away before this become a true thing. Adik ku 2 sudah pada menikah, that`s senseful because their couple are such from the rich. While i must get things by my own, usaha sendiri lah, bahasa indonesia nya itu.
One thing is still strangled me down up to this time. And saya fighting hard real damn hard to get out from my troubles. Pssssssssttt... this is a secret that will make me die, if anyone of my family figured that out. I have been a full time employee for almost a year, and sekarang sedang musing nya opening for civil servants or penerimaan cpns di Indonesia.
I can make a way out from all disfucking problem around. Yes.... ada jalan keluar. something which is very damn easy if chances are with me. It will take some money, a little bit efforts, and lucks beyond anything. I always keep in mind, i want to be out from all of my problems wright now. 
Three months from now is the finest moment in my life. I will get out from all problems. Saying goodbye. See I am going to fuck all the bitches`s asses. Forever.

Writteh by : Agung Purnama Komara

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